AT LAST! The Answer To Overcoming "Newbies Problem" For Launching An Online Business Successfully
Remark: This not an ordinary newbies training because it's trained by the #1 internet marketing pioneer and best-selling author, Patric Chan. Each week, you'll be given the link to attend the class via live streaming. Click the button below to register for free today:
Here's How It Works:
Each week, you will get to access 2 classes on newbie topics as per listed below, starting from this week!
The Essential Newbies Topics To Be Covered for 5 Weeks:
  • DOMAIN NAME. Choosing and buying a domain name for starting an online business.
  • AUTORESPONDER. How autoresponder works and how to setup your email marketing.
  • WEBSITE. What is a website, blog, webpage, landing page, etc and how to build one on your own.
  • VIDEO & YOUTUBE. How to record/create a video and using YouTube's features.
  • ​FACEBOOK PIXEL. How to add Facebook Pixel and understanding how it works.
  • DIGITAL PRODUCT. How to fulfil digital product fulfilment and creating a "download page". 
  • PAYMENT/ORDER LINK. How to collect online banking and credit card payment from your website.
  • ​CAPTURING LEADS. How to setup to capture leads on your website.
  • AFFILIATE PROGRAM. What is an affiliate program and how it works.
  • SECRET. I'm keeping this important topic as a surprise, but I can assure you that it's a very valuable topic that can help newbies succeed!
Message From Patric - Why I Decided To Do This Training
It's because I want to see my students are able to execute the ideas and strategies I've taught.

You see, I realized the main reason why they're "stuck" is because they don't have the basic knowledge how to get started yet. 

So, I'm doing this series of training for the next 5 weeks for my students and seeing that I'm already doing it anyway, I'm extending the entire series of newbies classes to you for free.
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